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New Home Inspections

Many people assume that local building inspectors will catch everything during the building inspection. However, sometimes the building inspector can miss things, which can prove costly for the homebuyer. 

A new home inspection should be done in multiple phases. The first phase should be performed at the rough-in stage. We will inspect all aspects of the home before drywall is installed. Sometimes a trade will miss an important aspect due to time restraints or flat out poor craftsmanship. The general contractor who oversees and hires all trades to build the house usually hires the cheapest subcontractor.  Many times the subcontractor's main priority is speed instead of quality and the general contractor cannot keep up on all the work of the trades. After drywall is installed, there is no way of knowing if anything was missed or not done up to standards.   

The second phase should happen before closing and prior to the final walk through. This inspection will cover every aspect of the home to ensure all finished areas are correct and everything operates as they are supposed to. Don't miss your opportunity to correct any building defects during the construction process. Schedule your new home inspection today. 

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