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Home Energy Audit

Most houses in America can save anywhere from 5-30% on their utility bills by having a home energy audit performed on their home and following the recommendations given in the report. I will take a look at your building from the inside and out and examine a variety of components, including windows, walls, and eaves, to see if I can spot any issues causing leaks into or out of your home. I will inspect your insulation to make sure it’s correctly installed in the attic and applied evenly between your walls. I will inspect any building penetrations to make sure they are sealed. Your home energy audit will also include a blower door test. This test allows me to locate air leaks in the home by causing a negative pressure in your home and using infrared thermography to find air infiltration and any areas of missing insulation. I will inspect your furnace and water heater and check their efficiencies and make sure they are working properly. I will also inspect any ductwork that is not concealed and check for leaks where you might be losing heat and energy. I will also do an inspection on the lighting in your home. Switching over from standard incandescent light bulbs to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) can easily reduce your energy bill. I will then assess where your home is losing the most energy, and propose improvements to make that will help save energy – and reduce your utility bills.

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Schedule your home energy audit today and start saving money on your energy bill

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